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What Supplies Will You Need For A Dog?

The time has come. You have stopped by the pet shop every day on the way home from work to dote on the cute puppies in the window. Normally you return home with the thoughts of a cute puppy scampering down your hallways. Well, today you did it. You decided to purchase your very own puppy. However, before you bring your puppy home you need to be prepared. You need to purchase various dog supplies so that you can provide a welcoming home to your new dog. What types of dog supplies do you need? There is a bounty of dog supplies available on the market today. The dog supplies range from basic necessities such as dog food to cute dog costumes. Dog supplies have become such a hot market today that numerous pet supply companies have popped up to meet any needs you have for dog supplies. This competition in the market place is a benefit to you because often times you can find great prices on dog supplies by doing a little market research. Let’s first take a look at the basic dog supplies that you will want to have when your pooch arrives home. Basic dog supplies include: dog food, dog bowls, collar, leash, kennel/crate, and dog bed. Dog food is number one on the list because you shouldn’t feed your canine table scraps or your own dinner. You can place their food in regular bowls, but it is fun to search for a cute dog bowl. You can find dog bowls that even have their name on it. Dogs have specific nutritional needs to need to be met so they grow up strong and have a healthy life. Proper dog supplies include the dog food that is geared towards their age, weight/size, and activity level. It is vital to maintain the proper weight for your dog’s size and breed. Table scraps and human food can lead to excess weight that is a detriment to your dog’s overall health. Not to mention they might have some unsightly waste products as a result of the human food. When searching for dog food from your dog supplies list it is crucial that you find the right dog food. Check with a veterinarian, breeder, or dog shop owner for recommendations on the proper food. Dogs also will become used to their specific brand and type of dog food and if you suddenly change it they may suffer from upset stomach. Since they will be on the dog food for a long time it is a great idea to spend time finding the proper dog food for your pooch. A dog collar and a dog leash should be next on your list of dog supplies. Many states require that you register your pet with the state. In addition you may need to demonstrate that your dog has had the required vaccines, such as rabies shots, and they must wear a tag on their collar regarding this. Also create a dog tag that has your dog’s name on it, your name, and phone number in case your dog ever gets lost. Most cities require that your dog be on a leash through various leash laws. Keeping your dog on a leash is a smart idea especially when you head out to parks or walk along the road. You don’t want your pooch to bother other people or run out in front of an oncoming car. These scary situations can be avoided by using a leash to control your dog’s movement. Leashes are also a training tool which you can use to teach your dog the proper behavior for their daily walk. Dog supplies have improved over the years especially regarding different types of leashes. Does your dog constantly pull away from you on the leash causing them to cough? If so, you can buy a least that doesn’t connect to just their collar, but is instead a harness that wraps around their entire body. You slip their legs through it. This type of leash can be much more comfortable for your dog, so consider it when looking for dog supplies. If you leave your dog outside at all, whether you are home or not, you need to make sure that your dog is in a secure area. Therefore, you can keep them on a leash that is connected to a runner cord so they have a great area to run. Or you can provide a fenced in area for them to play in. Special things to note when looking for these types of dog supplies is that the leash should be a chest harness leash because you don’t want the dog to constantly run after passersbys and hurt their throat. If you have a fence then make sure that it is in line with your dog’s jumping ability. You don’t want your dog jumping over the fence the second you turn your head. Next on your dog supplies list should be a dog kennel/crate and/or dog bed. Your dog needs a place they can call their own in your home. A dog kennel/crate helps a dog to feel safe, especially when you are gone. Refrain from using the dog kennel as a discipline retreat. You want them to look forward to their own space in your home. These are the basic dog supplies you need to purchase before you pick up your new pooch. Later on, you can spend hours finding fun toys, dog chews, and dog costumes for your new best canine friend.

A List of Dog Supplies That Are Essential For Dog Owners

When you decide to get a dog, you must take care that the decision is not made lightly. Give careful thought to the kind of dog you get to guarantee that it is the right fit for your home, family, and energy intensity. In addition, make sure that you’re in a position to adequately take care of your pet. This includes not only properly feeding it and exercising it, however purchasing all needed dog supplies. There are a big selection of these pet supplies for dogs out there, however it is important to realize that you do not want all of them right away. However, there are many things you must be certain you’ve got on hand before you ever bring your dog home. The first is a collar. Pet collars come in all colors and styles, however all of them serve the same fundamental functions. They give the owner a place to attach a leash, that is a necessary part of walking and coaching any dog, and provide a means of recognition. It’s very important that the pet collar contains identification tags in case your pet ever gets lost. Along with these, you must make sure that a leash is included in your dog supplies. If you train your dog to walk on it as soon as possible, you will find that he is much easier to deal with. The collars come with nice, sharp spikes hooked up to the collar, enough to make any pet look really tough. Some owners think it is cute to put the spiked collars on small pets like Chihuahuas to give them that extra “edge.” For only $18.90, these amazing collars are a bargain. These cool pet collars would be priced at $30 to $40 in any Department store. April’s Window offers catered pet collars for even the most prissiest of animals-cats. Cats will love the blue fish “safety collar.” This collar comes adorned with tiny blue fishes. These types of collars are breakaway collars and reflective. In addition, the fun fish patterns work to reflect light so that you’ll keep an eye on your precious kitten at all times. These collars can be modified from eight inches to 12 inches and help alert drivers in the dark if your kitten happens to have run away from home. Second, be certain that your dog has the dog supplies it needs to get food and water. This includes a water bowl, a food bowl, and dog food. make sure that the bowls are tough enough to withstand your dog’s strength and energy level. Additionally, they must be properly sized to the type of dog that you have. Too small of a bowl will cause your dog to not get sufficient or to make a mess, and a bowl that is too large makes it difficult for your dog to eat comfortably. You must also be certain that the food that you purchase is the right type for your dog’s age and size. There are specifically formulated foods for puppies, adult dogs, and seniors, therefore make sure you’re getting what your pet needs. Lastly, buy a place for your dog to receive rest and/or shelter. For an outdoor pet, these dog supplies must consist of a quality dog house and some type of bedding. Be certain that the bedding can be washed easily and is sturdy enough that your dog will not chew it up. If you’re going to be keeping your pet indoors, it may need a dog bed and a blanket. A crate may be a sensible idea also, particularly for smaller dogs. Not only will it provide the dog a place to rest, but it provides a way to carry the dog and can be an invaluable toilet training tool. Once you get your dog home, there are other dog supplies that you must consider purchasing. These include toys, treats, grooming supplies, shampoo, nail clippers, and dental supplies.

I Bought Our Daughter a New Pet

My husband and I had been talking for quite awhile about what the best kind of pet would be for our daughter. She is still in elementary school, and we all know that very young children are not very good about pet care without a lot of prodding and pleading from their parents. So, we decided that a betta fish would be a good idea. Then, before buying one, we spent a little time learning that caring for betta fish is the right thing to do. And it is not hard either.

I spent some time checking out a couple of websites that told me all that I needed to know. Continue reading

Large Dog Supplies: Getting The Best Deals For Your Dogs

Do you have a large breed dog? Do you find that large dog supplies come with a premium? Larger leads and collars cost more; larger dog beds are more expensive and don’t get me started on food. The large breed food not only costs more but they need to eat more of it so it costs you through the nose. But we love our pooches and want them to have the best large breed supplies we can find.

Our dog is a chocolate Labrador from a working line- not one of the largest dogs by any means but at 36kg he’s big enough and not fat by any means. He has large breed food so that he has enough glucosamine to support his joints; he has a ramp to get in and out of the car; he has a very comfortable bed (even though he prefers the sofa); his bowls are on stands so he doesn’t have to crouch to eat and then there are all the collars and bling that he likes to wear and toys he likes to play with. All these things are large breed supplies as things for a more moderately sized dog are not appropriate.

So firstly, where do we find the right large dog supplies and once we have found them, how do we get them at the best price?

There are particular shops which specialise in large dog supplies. There are good quality products that are not necessarily available from the high street. Some do more expensive boutique items but why should the toy dogs have all the fun?

If you want to save money on large dog supplies then it is sensible to buy in bulk. Many different retailers will apply an automatic discount if you buy larger quantities. For example dog food is very often cheaper if you buy it in 15kg bags. To make the best of these bulk buy discounts of dog supplies you need to find stores that also do free delivery on orders worth a certain amount or more. So you can often get a double discount by buying in bulk.

We have found that we have saved a considerable amount of money by not buying products from our Vet. We know that we need to treat our dog regularly for fleas and worms and that the recommended products available from the Vet come with a dispensing charge. By shopping around on the internet, taking advantage of incentive and introductory offers and buying in bulk we can achieve a massive discount on exactly the same product.

We often achieve greater discounts by purchasing with friends who are also dog owners. We found an offer on dog beds that are “buy two, get one free” and so I got together with some friends and shared the savings. But you could always sell on the extras on eBay if you don’t have friends who want the same things. You might even make some money!

Another way of saving when purchasing large dog supplies like dietary supplements is to see whether the same products are cheaper when not marketed as animal products. We have achieved a considerable saving by buying green lipped muscle supplement from “human” sites. When combined with the special offers that we are notified of, we have managed to achieve a discount of over 50% on the first price quoted by the Vet for the same quality and dosage product.

Dog Supplies For First Time Dog Owners

If you have never owned a dog, getting a new one can be quite an investment. You have to buy a lot of things that you will need to care for your new pup. You can get by the minimum dog supplies, of course, but there are plenty of things that you must have for various reasons. If you can’t afford to get all of these things, the time might not be right for you to get a dog. You can see what you have to have, but most of these things are going to make life comfortable and safe for your new dog and will keep your home all in one piece as well.

You must have a leash and collar that fits your dog, and you may have to replace them if your dog if going to get very large. These dog supplies are a must in almost all areas. It is the law to have your dog leashed and under your total control while you have them out of your house. If your dog bites someone, you are at fault no matter why it happened. Also, you don’t want them to dart out into a street or road in front of a moving vehicle. These dog supplies are not expensive, so get what you want. Just make sure they are strong enough to control your dog as they grow.

Other common dog supplies that you must have are a dish and water dish, quality dog food, and a stash of bags for doggies droppings. If your pooch eliminates anywhere other than on your property, you have to clean it up. Again, this is the law in most areas. If you rent, you have to clean up if you share the lawn with any other tenants or if your landlord insists that you do. You may also want to get an array of dog toys with these dog supplies, as having something to chew on stops them from chopping on your couch or your favorite pair of shoes.

If you are not home during the day, and must leave your new dog home alone, you have to get a crate has a part of your dog supplies. This is something that should grow with them. You don’t want something too big or too small. They should stand and turn around in it and it should allow them access to food and water, but it should not be too big or too confining. Anyone at a pet store can help you pick out the right size for your new dog. If you don’t have one of these, they could spend the whole day howling because they are home alone, and they can do substantial damage to your belongings as well.

Dog bones are also a great idea for dog supplies, as well as a nice bed upon which they can lie. Dogs may like to sleep in your bed, but that may not be the best idea in your home. If you get them a doggie bed, they may be content to lie there at night as long as you are in the same room with them. Other dog supplies are not necessary, but you can get anything else that you need. Just make sure you have the basics so your dog is happy, and you end up happy with your dog. You may end up feeling like you made a mistake otherwise.

The Advantage of a Portable Dog Water Bottle Dispenser

We know you’ve done it-it’s been that dirty little secret-you shared water with your best friend out of the same bottle…well now you don’t need to! Now, in seconds, you can safely give your dog a fresh, clean, sanitary drink in your car, at the park, or anywhere else when you and your dogs are out on the go. Portable Pet Dog Water Dispenser Bottle cleverly combines a custom dog water bottle and unique wrap-around water pan into a single, lightweight unit so compact it will fit in your pocket. Eliminates hauling jugs of water.

Portable Pet Dog Water Bottle DispenserTo give your dog a drink, just snap the bottle to the water pan. Hold the bottle with one hand. Squeeze the bottle and water streams into the pan. Dogs lap up the running stream. You never have to fill the pan. Stop squeezing and the automatic valve shuts off the water stream. No spills, no leaks, no wasted water, no hassles, no backwash.

This unique hand-held use is fun, loving and interactive, just like hand feeding. It also affords a natural, comfortable stand-up drinking height for both you and your dogs. Puts an end to stooping, bending over, or struggling with bottles, bowls or cups on the ground. And one hand always stays free to control your dog’s leash for maximum safety.

Perfect for the park, walks, hikes, camping, vacations, beach, dog shows. Anywhere! Ideal for all vehicles: car, truck, R.V., boat. Used by leading law enforcement K-9 teams.

Stores conveniently in glove box, bag, or even a purse. You can carry it in your pocket, or with our 60″ shoulder strap or with our custom easy- on, easy- off non slip belt clip. All are included with your Portable Pet Dog Water Bottle Dispenser.

Main Features

Lightweight water bottle nests in water tray when not in use; bottle will not leak when locked in tray
Fill with water, keep closed until needed, pour into container, allow pet to drink
Nice design, carrying strap included inside bottle
Convenient belt clip on back
Easy to use. Just flip to open — flip to close

It’s a great idea. I take it to every park or activities with my dog. I had been using just a plain water bottle but both dogs would try to drink out of the bottle at the same time. Their tongues wouldn’t fit into the bottle at one time, so then they would fight with each other and a lot of water would spill. One dog loves to lick as the water is streaming down and the other likes to drink out of the bottom where the water collects. I can also give them the water without bending down which saves my back. The only thing I would improve on is that the string for carrying the bottle is not long enough to put over the shoulder but I just tied a longer string on to make it easier to carry.

I have two dogs that I like to go on walks with (and short hikes) I stick two bottles in my backpack and they don’t take up a lot of room. I keep two in my car (one for each one of them) two at home and two in my backpack….guess I like the product. Keeping my dogs hydrated during our jaunts has never been easier. Haven’t had an issue with leaking…..and you just put the bottle in the tray and it is easy for both you and your four legged friends. Very practical!!!

Whenever you are out with your companion, carry the gulpy. You might be just fine, but with a flip of the wrist you can give your best friend a fresh drink of water. Sure to please the thirsty one.

Online shopping from a great selection at Dog Supplies Store. Find great deals on SaleWill.com for Dog Waterer.

Training Your Dog with a Remote Dog Training Collar

The remote dog training collar is made for basic training, potty training, biting, jumping on people, chasing cars, running away and barking. Both the transmitter and the receiver unit are built in high capacity lithium rechargeable batteries, and it provides 3 modes to choose to train your dog: static shock, vibration and light. Better yet, you can train your dog in low light condition with the Backlight LCD screen. Can Fits all dogs. From 15 to 100 lbs with a TPU collar size from 7 to 27 inches long.

This dog training system is a smart way to help you train your dog and make them act in an appropriate behavior. Use the remote to send a sound signal, vibration or a mild electric shock to your dog to improve your dog’s behavior. The accompanying wireless remote control has a range of up to 1000 meters in optimal conditions and lets you send different signals to your dog making it ideal when out for a walk and your dog is off the leash. The remote control’s LCD screen enables you to increase or reduce the level of vibrations or shocks according to the behavior of your dog.


Remote training controller with 1.1 Inch LCD display
Many levels of Vibration and static can be displayed by easily visible LCD screen
Collar, Long time standby work, 3 Days, 1.5 Hours working time
Self sleep Feature for saving battery or power
1000 Meters control range by remote
Remote control and collar with Rechargeable Battery.
Collar:250 mHA, Remote
Weatherproof Collar Receiver

Package Contents

Collar Receiver + Transmitter
Power Adapter
Charging Cable
User Manual

Do your homework first. Learn the basics. Make sure your pet knows the basic commands. This an awesome correction collar. It worked fantastic for getting and changing the dog’s focus. He had just started a bad habit of leaving the yard. Not anymore. These collars are great for our purposes! One of our dog’s characteristics is once they get a scent, all reasoning and listening are gone. We’ve only had to use vibrate after shocking 1x for each of them while in a dead run. For the safety of your pet in doing what they were bred to do, these collars will let them know there is a time and place for everything! I’d much rather keep them safe and with our family! Does anyone know if I can buy a replacement remote? Ours went through the washer yesterday. We have it in rice but I’d rather have a new remote! This collar is the best thing ever our dog kept running off now he stays where he is supposed to so much better than being on a chain we have never had to use the shock mode the beep and vibrate did the trick.

I love this collar, its simple and easy to use. Haven’t had any issues with it hurting my dog, and it fits him very well. Definitely start out on a VERY low setting to test what your dog can handle, and attach the appropriate prongs according to the thickness of their fur. My only complaint is that the very first time we used this with a leash, the ring that you attach a leash to snapped. Good thing he stays close to us, or he could have potentially ran away, or ran into traffic. So be prepared to have to snap another collar on whenever you take your dog on a walk! They have really taken to the understanding that the “tone” means that mom means business! I’ve only had to shock them a couple times on level 2 and wow they do not want that again! One got shocked for running towards a car and the other was that he just wouldn’t stop chasing my older dog. I’ve used this type of training tool in the past and don’t regret doing it again. I have even taken one trip outside to see if they’d listen to me without collars, and to my delight they did. I am sure this will work for you too.

Now the parts that I don’t like…I wish the audible could sound when vibrating and or shocking to further reinforce the sound instead of having to cycle through the mode button. Also, the remote has two channels which is probably great for two dogs and two collars, but I have unintentionally bumped it and when trying to correct my pup couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working (he was chasing a squirrel also know as furry crack in the dog world). So if you have the collar and don’t hear the audible and your dog isn’t obeying then check the channel to make sure you’re on the right one.

Dog Supplies Online – Help Make Your Dog Feel Your Ex

in Family (submitted 2014-05-29)

Dog supplies online would be the correct way to buy your canine’s needs. Much like people, dogs also provide fundamental needs which are essential for their survival like healthy food choices, comfortable shelter, and enough water supply. Dog supplies online don’t offer only a multitude of dog items but additionally some helpful training dogs tips. Your canine’s diet ought to always be vibrant, which excludes dairy-based items in the diet list. While pet food will include probably the most healthy elements, it’s also essential that your pet will enjoy the flavour – healthy food choices is useless in case your dog won’t eat it. Based on your pet, the regularity of feeding is generally one or two occasions each day (be sure to convey a bowl of clean and fresh water!). If you are in the dark about about good nutrition for the dog, you could consult a vet.

The online shop of Aims provides a wide products of healthy and vitamin wealthy dog meals. In case your dog is a year old or older, the Professional-Active Health Portions will assisted in the proper absorption of nutrition and building of strong defense mechanisms for the dog. Its formula includes protein-based elements along with other crucial minerals which will keep dog’s body healthy and vitalized.

Drastically switching in one food product to a different isn’t this kind of advisable move. Whenever possible, stay with one product which works best for your pet. Frequent altering of pet food items may cause food sensitivity and intestinal distress. In the event that happens, you need to request your vet if Aims Veterinary Intestinal Low-Residue Formula a very good idea with this situation. The Aims Intestinal Low-Residue Formula consists of exceptional combination of high fiber content, protein, and essential fatty acids that provide method to easy food digestion and powerful digestive tract.

Signs like out of control itching, anxiety, unpredicted weight reduction, and occasional levels of energy are possible signs of flea and tick pests. Although it isn’t an urgent situation situation, this could still result in a slow loss of your canine’s health. You will find, however, great items available that you could make the most. Should you search through Pet Smart’s dog supplies online, you’ll encounter their Canine Advantage Once-A-Month Flea and Tick Control (topical application) that destroys fleas and larvae within twelve hrs ( the result does not decrease even when your pet is wet).

Fur losing are pretty annoying sometimes, particularly if it is available in excessive amount. Pet Wise online dog supplies offer one-stop shop means to fix your cat and dog’s losing problem, the Furminator shampoo. The Furminator reduces or completely removes losing without needing to bathe your dog (additionally, it includes a fresh and odor free scent).